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Felonies Are Always Serious

The most serious level of offenses are known as felonies, and they too are classified in the two groups, being class B and the more severe class A. At Law Offices of F. Michael Keefe, PLLC, I provide the experienced representation you need when you are facing a felony charge.

More Than 35 Years Of Legal Experience

I have more than 35 years’ experience with criminal cases, and I provide the knowledgeable guidance you need when dealing with serious felony charges that could affect your liberty and your future.

By definition, a class B felony carries with it a potential jail sentence in the New Hampshire State Prison of between 3 1/2 and 7 years incarceration, along with a $4,000 fine plus penalty assessment. The more serious class A felony carries with it the potential for a sentence ranging from 7 1/2 years to 15 years in the New Hampshire State Prison, along with the $4,000 potential fine plus penalty assessment.

Commonly known felonies include things such as burglary, robbery, rape, a host of theft offenses, child pornography, violent assaults, drug trafficking, among others.

Many class B felonies are what is known as lesser included offenses of the more severe class A felony. A lesser included offense is one which must be committed in its entirety during the commission of the greater offense. For example, robbery is a theft (defined as exercising unauthorized control over the property of another, through the use of force) such as a purse snatching. It is generally charged as a class B felony, unless a deadly weapon is used in the commission of the crime, which then makes it a class A felony.

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