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Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

Most of my criminal clients at Law Offices of F. Michael Keefe, PLLC are not “bad boys” (or girls) but rather regular, honest and hard-working people who have, for different reasons, made bad choices and mistakes. Whether the bad choice was to drink and drive after an office Christmas party, to strike their spouse in anger, to shoplift or to “borrow” money from the boss, the majority of those clients have never experienced the terror and apprehension of being caught up in the criminal justice system.

From flashing lights on the highway or outside the door to a ride in handcuffs, fingerprinting and possible questioning, the average person is simply overwhelmed and completely unprepared to deal with the resources of the city, state and even federal government and police forces.

More Than 35 Years Of Experience

Given that your freedom and life are at stake, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable and competent criminal defense lawyer by your side throughout the entire process, and at Law Offices of F. Michael Keefe, PLLC, I can help. I have more than 38 yearsof experience and I provide the guidance you need to make meaningful decisions for your case and your future.

It’s Not Like Tv Or The Movies

Of all the areas of my general legal practice, I personally enjoy criminal defense work the most. Although never a “theater person” in high school or college, I have found that I truly love the theater that is jury trial work. Do not believe what you see on television, it takes hours and hours of preparation and years of experience to be able to effectively handle the pressures and demands of active criminal trial practice.

My goal in every criminal matter that I undertake is to win an acquittal for my clients whether they face a misdemeanor or felony. However, I often tell my clients that wish I might, I cannot change the facts and circumstances which they brought through the door when they first meet with me.

After a careful review of the available evidence and the potential consequences for my clients, if a conviction seems inevitable, I strive to obtain alternate sentences, which can include alcohol and drug counseling, intensive supervised probation, suspended jail sentences, or otherwise minimizing the consequences of the poor choices made by people in often difficult situations.

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I bring a combination of maturity, real-world experience and real-world values to criminal matters. Call my Manchester office at 603-647-4707 or use my online contact form to make an appointment to meet with me.